About me

Hi, my name is Rob. I am originally from Cincinnati, OH. Last summer, I moved from Hopkinsville, KY, to Pheonix City, AL. I am currently attending CVCC. This website was designed for my HTML5/CSS3 course. Contact me: [email protected] have developed many websites utilizing CSS, HTML, PHP, and MySQL. My first real job in 1999 was designing a website for a car dealership and updating it weekly with pictures of new and used cars. I worked at the Dealership for about a year until they hired a full-time employee; because of school, I could not work full-time. After high school, I went on to do security work for multiple companies in the Cincinnati Area. Including numerous malls and a theme park.

In 2006 I decided to go to a trade school and became a union electrician. Trade school and apprenticeship took six years, and I have done electrical work for many large companies, including Marathon Oil, GE Aviation, and DuPont.Over the years, I never forgot my love of computers, and in 2015, I decided to quit the electrical trade and return to school to pursue a degree in computer science.