Bitcoin Mining Pool

NoctumDesign Mining Pool was designed as a frontend for my bitcoin mining pool. Initial design and implementation took roughly 2 Months and was constantly upgraded for nearly one year. This site has many different scripts that run with cron for various reasons, as this site receives data regularly. The information is manipulated and updated frequently, as often as every 15 seconds. The pool server for receiving data is called eloipool. The heavy lifting is done with PHP, compiling stats four times a minute. The site sends emails automatically to verify account creation, changes to an account, and when there are payouts.


Most HTML was parsed through PHP


A vast majority of this site uses PHP.


This site uses custom CSS.


The DataBase for this site has 32 Tables, 9 of which are stats, user login data, share data, slow query table, and other data. This database is nearly 25GB in size.